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I sometimes wonder if customers start arguments and cause weirdness on purpose. For the sake of making us seem like a real couple. Misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and lengthy, heavy discussions. It’s rather annoying. Isn’t that the whole point of paying a prostitute? No fighting? No dealing with reality? All fun, no bullshit. Oh right, these guys don’t see me like that. I sort of wish they would. But I suppose they wouldn’t stick around as long. Although, perhaps that would be a good thing. It’s my laziness and comfort in the known that gets me into trouble. When shit gets unnecessarily complicated, I should hightail it to new, wealthier, no baggage men. Unfortunately, this would require me to go on the hunt: place ad’s, deal with haggling, possible vice, and the unknown. I really just wish the ones in my life would chill the fuck out and enjoy themselves. Not pick fights with me, or whine about my communication rules. I don’t want to argue. I have real men in my life for that. While I’m on the wish train, I’d like one or two uber-wealthy ones to find me and buy me and my friend’s first class tickets around the world. Who also want to invest in my publishing. And ejaculate quickly. Or be on death’s bed and leave me their fortune. Too far? I’ll settle for no drama. Life is dramatic enough….hello, I’m a fucking prostitute. I don’t want to hash over feelings with my john’s.

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