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The time I fucked The Texan in his house! 

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Audio Sex Fantasies

Writing smut is fun when I have motivation. A few years back I had such a thing. Two men I met through IG—both lived outside of California. The texts were insanely hot. I wrote three fantasies based on them. Each story comes with a one-take introduction. 

1 - The Crush: What I imagined our first time would get like, proceeded by a drunk rambling Texan bitch fest. I don’t remember what I said. Don’t worry, I wasn’t in a blackout, if you’ve ever done a podcast or audio interview, it’s common not to remember everything you said. However, I refuse to listen to it so it’s completely raw.

2 - The Sierras: A steamy mid-day summer romp by a river. Plus, my version of a guided meditation. take...not quite as planned but fun nonetheless. Subject matter: what it was like to get a lap dance from me. 

3 - The Motel: A little spit, grit and whiskey in a dive motel. This bad boy comes with an hour-long boozy prelude where I answer questions and veer off course. A couple topics: my thoughts on enemas, Mitchell Brother’s stories, and my best fuckfests to name a few. 

Footnote: take some of what I say in the third lengthy what-have-you with a grain of salt.