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Last night I was chatting with a dude, and he had the gall to list off the types of girls he doesn’t like. The list went like this: No Blacks. No Asians. No Mexicans. No Jews. And no fatties. This is verbatim, folks. In a normal setting I would have set this motherfucker straight but this is a strip club, I’m not here to change mankind, I’m here to make money. Strippers learn to roll with the stupid. I smiled (at the Jew part) and said, “So, you like white girls?” I winked and flashed my million-dollar smile, “Let’s go!” He gave me some lame excuse while also grabbing my ass. My smile went flat. He had money sitting on the table, so as I stood up I took some and said, “I think you might be in the wrong club, sweetie, all we have is women. Shabbat Shalom.”

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