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Follower question

What can a client do to create a more

fun/comfortable mood?

I absolutely love this question! It takes two to tango as they say. Although these men are hiring us to do a job, sex does involve two people. Men can assist in the experience. It’s your junk, you’ve probably touched it and know it better than I do. If he gets soft because I had to pee, stroke him while I’m gone. Be interactive with your dick. I’m a damn good snake charmer, but I can only do so much. Generally it’s not an issue, but it’s daunting when a man expects miracles from a hooker. Also, hand her the money/place the envelope on the table right away. Don’t wait for her to ask. And if you really want some sugar, tell her that you added a little extra just for her. Nothing lubes a working girl up like extra cash. You’ll win in the end trust me.

If it’s your first time, or your nervous, speak to it. A little communication goes a long way: “Wow, you’re beautiful, I haven’t been this nervous since prom.” Maybe it’s a lie, but it’s cute and laughter eases nerves. If it’s a meet and greet, don’t ask her a ton of questions, and definitely don’t ask lots of specific how much for what. This will set off undercover vice bells for most working girls. Not to mention that it’s a red flag in the, this guy is likely to be unhappy no matter what, department. So, while it’s natural to want to know what you’re getting for your hard-earned cash, here’s a better approach: “Hoping this goes well, what’s your favorite position?” Obviously this has to be eased in, but it implies sex will happen without implicating a crime or being crass. Her answer will also be a good indication of what she’s willing to do. Two birds. You can try to ease any tension by being funny, “I have to let you know that I have a strict no barking rule.” Yes, utterly ridiculous, but I’m telling you, humor helps. It shows her that you are easy going and fun; that you can handle the trippy situation.

Compliments are always good. Let her know you are into her. Most hookers are confident, but men can be jerks. Not to mention that we’re putting ourselves on the line. The client knows he’s getting laid no matter what—barring he doesn’t smell like dog piss—she’s not going to turn him down, whereas we’re ostensibly on an audition. When it comes to the act itself: bring condoms you’ve had luck with before and put the damn thing on yourself for Christ’s sake. Wash your hands just before you guys get started, and for the love of fuck, enjoy yourself!


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