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Hi friends!

I broke my custom cherry and had a blast doing it so now…it’s your lucky day! I’m offering one-of-a-kind videos catered to you or someone you love. Want me to eat a pickle to your favorite song? Read a passage from one of my memoirs? Take shots of whiskey and dance around in a fuck tee with the girls out? All of the above? I can sing happy birthday or tell an inside work story. The options are endless.

“The Essential Sita” $100 - the girls stay in (new price!)

“Tits McGee” $300 - they come out to play

Purchase your custom option and fill out the form with your ideas. I’ll respond; we can discuss. If you know me, you know I don’t half-ass my art. I put time, thought, and love into it. No XXX, sorry.

Everyone signs an NDA for Tits McGee

I can’t wait to create!

“We ordered a custom video from Sita after following her online for years for a birthday present. We’ve loved her IG shared stories, devoured her book, but getting a personalized sexy video was the creme de la creme. Just naughty enough to rev the engines (jeeeezus), but cheeky enough to be a lot of fun as well. Since we don’t get to see her in person, this was really special.”

cabin custom.jpg


Thanks for submitting!

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