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Tank Garage Winery - new label shot by yours truly

[from their website]

“And let us reiterate: this is the BEST ROSÉ we have ever made. Starting with the delicate salmon color, and gorgeous aromas of wild strawberries, grapefruit zest, and rose petals, this wine will literally make you drool. And when we say literally, we mean literally. On your tongue, you'll pick up these bright flavors of strawberry, bing cherry, and fresh watermelon complemented by sexy jasmine and tea notes. The finish? It's fucking crisp and satisfying. Just like you asked for.

At Tank, we've long celebrated rebels, misfits, and those that just don't give a shit, and as such, we blessed this wine with the name Wild Child. But how do you capture all these wild, sexy, untamed flavors in a label? The same way we always do, by calling up our longtime collaborator Sita Kaylin, and telling her we need a Trans Am, some California sun, and somebody who just doesn't give a shit.”

{tap the image to buy yourself a bottle or five!}


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