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A girl just asked me what libido means. It’s Halloween and I’m dressed like Barbarella. None of the girls get it. But it doesn’t matter; they’re not my demographic. I’ve got a Wonder Woman costume as a backup. Halloween is without a doubt my favorite holiday, I can’t believe I’m working, but the girls said it was incredible last year. It’s better to work than go out and deal with cops and idiots. I’ll still be dealing with the idiots, of course, but I’ll be making money instead of spending it. Apparently The Veil was open until 6 a.m. last year, and it was a Thursday night. I’m ready for a late one. Another win is that most of the police will be busy with paperwork and a crowded drunk tank by the time I drive home. God forbid I get arrested and end up in the tank with one of the dumbfucks I just danced for.

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