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October 16, 2017 4:01 p.m. - fancy whiskey sour(s)

{question from a reader} “A time when particular client’s desires jibed with your personal likes. What happens when you are keeping it professional and something like that just happens?” Desires or actions? Most of my client’s desires are good ol’ fashion sex—I like sex. The ones who want to drink and party: I like that, too. The ones who want to fuck off and on for hours and hours: not so much. Due to the UTI factor and it’s work. It’s rare to kiss a client who kisses the way I like—bad kissing is a common denominator amongst John’s; perhaps it’s because most of them are married and haven’t made-out with their wives in a hundred years. I avoid kissing when I can. The men who do kiss well is a whole other bag of balls. It’s better than super shitty lip on lip, but since they’re not the ones I want these kisses from, I tend to do a mental countdown: How long is nice? When can it stop? I’m a kissing hooker because it usually helps with the coming department and also because I didn’t know how to have sex without it when I started. . The area in which I notice it the most, with regards to this question, is when a trick goes down on me. My first orgasm ever was with one of my long-term girlfriends. Therefore, coming from oral has been my main go to. I’m a clitoris girl. If I come with a man inside me, I’m (or he is if he’s a magician) doing some sort of clit stimulation.

Most John’s annoy me down there, but a few who are doing stuff I like—and would normally come from—I cock-block the possibility. I know that sounds crazy, but I don’t want to come with client’s ninety-nine percent of the time (I do have real orgasms with the “Unicorn”, but I haven’t seen him in a while). Two reasons: it’s hard to fake it after they’ve felt the real thing, which sets up a complete shit show for the future, and two, it’s personal and something I want to happen on my own time. I give so much of myself to these men; mind, body and soul — it’s the one thing that’s mine. It doesn’t mean I don’t have fun with them, I do. I love being silly, sexually open, and I love making people fee good.

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