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I recently befriended a fabulous Sugar Baby. A Sugar Baby is a young female or male who is financially pampered/cared for by a Sugar Daddy (or Mama) in exchange for companionship (sometimes also including sexual intimacy). She’s young, but years ahead of her age in a lot of ways. She gives solid advise about the industry. There are a ton of different terms and branches under the sex-industry umbrella. The disparity between prostitute and sugar baby has been highly debated. Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy sounds better to some women than hooker/john. Most sugar babies do not identify as hookers. I’ve had arrangements that would qualify me as an SB, but I’ve never embraced that term. First, I’m not a baby, second—like always, I only speak for myself—I have no qualms calling myself a hooker.

This recent friendship has opened me up to a whole world of Sugar Babies on social media. Sharing their world and personal knowledge. Which I absolutely love, but here’s the thing; these girls often post images of fanned out hundreds and boast about how it’s their two-night fee. Some girls post photos of high-end gifts with the price tags showing. I personally find this off-putting. While I think the display of cash and pricey gifts are meant to inspire women to reach for the stars and value themselves—a good thing—I can tell you how it makes me feel….like I’m a bad ho; for not bringing in that kind of money anymore. It doesn’t inspire me. It bums me out. Not that they’re earning or getting presents (I’m not a hater), there’s just something about it I can’t put my finger on. This is why strippers don’t discuss exact amounts of money made at the club. It’s either, “a good night” or “a bad night”. Thus lessening the competitive aspect. Call me old school.

I support the message, but the blatant display feels a tad show off-y for me. Less sisterhood, more, “aren’t you jealous?” Extravagant handbags are fun, no doubt about it, I understand the excitement. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating life and lovely gifts. Have I had clients that qualified as “Sugar Daddy’s”? Of course. Have I had monthly allowances and extravagant gifts? Yes. I think it’s a brand new world out there, and that’s what I’m speaking to. Granted, I have twenty years on most of these women. I could comment or inquire regarding the intent, but that would require too much legwork. I’d rather write down my thoughts and then get ready to suck my trick’s dick.

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