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Cookie - cuming question

May 30, 2018 11:34 a.m. La Cabanita (post pilates) drink: Cadillac margarita topic: cuming}

I received an intriguing DM after posting the finale of the Cookie saga. By the way, he’s assured me there will be a round two. Go ho, go! She asked, “Do you believe guys nut quicker with girls they don’t have a connection with?” My first response was and is, yes, but I’m mostly basing this off of my own oftentimes elusive O. I’ve had sex with a million men and women so my assumption could also be applied to real life experience. Let’s take all the men I made come in a condom with my right hand between 1998 and 2001. They all jizzed in under six minutes. I was young, hot, and naked, but still, that’s damn fast. P.S. the minute I’m done writing this I’m going to ask Cookie if he has indeed come faster with the other pro’s he’s been with. A rare instance where I can go directly to the source.

My theory is based on the opinion that it’s easier to come when you either A) don’t care about the other party at all or B) are extremely connected and comfortable with them. The in between is where I think the orgasm black hole lives. It does for me, at any rate. If the relationship is good and they know my body, I come in ten-minutes, but if there’s any trust issues, whatsoever, lord have mercy.

As my hefty handjob history shows, men can generally come from a gentle breeze (not all, but most). Intimidation, substances, and as a reader pointed out, anti-depressants can play a part in the you’re-shit-outta-luck department. It’ll be interesting to see what he says. Let’s ask him now.

“Hi doll. I have a personal question. Our finale sparked an interesting orgasm conversation (both in the thread and DM) and since I can go directly to the source instead of guessing (as I did in the piece)...Are you comfortable telling me if you cum more easily with the other the other pros you’ve been with?”

An hour later he responded, “Hi! And for the most part yes as they’ve been a bit more sober. Not like totally sober of course ... but definitely less on the drugs. Shoulda known better honestly - uppers fuck with my dick more than when I was a kid.”

I said, “I figured that to be the case. But it was super fun nonetheless. Next time we’ll fuck first then drink/party. Or skip the partying but definitely have the intimacy bits before we’re too fucked up.”

“Indeed” he said.

This doesn’t prove nor disprove my philosophy, but as per always, it’s a case by case. No generalizations over here.

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