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Thing is, I was raised on nothing in a house full of cokeheads yet I have this high-end taste. That said, I also like bare bones and dives. I was taught to be strong and have integrity. I grew up fast. I’ve been many things in this life (so far) but my core has always been the same: a woman who means what she says and generally wants peace. I’m not a priss and I’m not a thug. Hell, maybe I’m both. There’s no boxing me in. I can’t be boxed. Un-fucking-boxable. I’m Sita and my heart is filled with Red Vines.

On my own since fifteen. Worked every type of job and didn’t find real financial freedom until I started stripping in 1992. The industry changed my life. Twenty-seven-years later I spend my days writing and helping strangers. I currently live off of one regular I’ve known for ten years. It’s barely enough money—I need a miracle soon.

* self-portraits circa 2008

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