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...assshole spread in anal porn.

It’s so fucking gross. Not remotely sexy. The ass fucking is fine. It’ll be going along just peachy when all of a sudden the guy will pull out, take his two dumb hands and spread her asshole wide the fuck open as the camera zooms in—cuz why wouldn’t it—so we get a full view of her blood-red orifice. It makes me want to vomit. I might be on the verge of an orgasm and that action will kill it. Every time. Why do they do this? It’s degrading. And I don’t take that term lightly. I don’t think porn or sex work is—obviously—but there’s something about that maneuver that’s extra awful. Like she’s cattle. I’d get it if the porn theme was degrading in nature; golden showers for example but the porn we buy isn’t marketing as such. I only watch porn with The Texan and I don’t think he likes the ultra-spread either. We have a theory that at least sixty percent of the men in the guy/girl are gay. Maybe it’s a gay male thing. Although, as I wrote that I caught a visual from one we were watching the other day and the guys were decidedly Armenian or close. Just so we’re all aware, I know I sound like a bigoted shit right now; I’m not. I’m just callin’ it as I see it. I guess what that action really says to me is: I hate women. I think that’s why I hate it. Take away the yuk factor, it’s such a scumbag move. And the men (because there’s always more than one) do this accented “oh-ing” and giggling like church girls during the excavation process; proving my slime-ball theory. Don’t even get me started on the push-the-jizz-out-into-a-wineglass! Barf.

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