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July 19, 2018 Village Tavern 5:05 p.m. Drink(s): spicy margarita with a mescal kick .

Title: “Sugar Daddy, my A$$”

Calling them sugar daddies is giving them too much credit. Just yesterday I read a man’s profile—on a site with “sugar daddy” in its domain, mind you—which stated that he was looking for someone to date, pay for dinners, but not give an allowance to. Hey, jackhole, that’s what OKCupid and Bumble are for

Anyway. I posted something on Instagram about needing a new sugar daddy/client to replace Baby Bird and included a question to my working girls as to which site they liked the best. The post resulted in an interesting private conversation with a fellow working girl about the sites and the men on them. She’s been in the biz (both stripping and private) for a decade. We talked about customers and the diving industry standards. She enlightened me to a sad happening one of her regulars told her about: punters talk to each other in chat rooms and they do their level best to bring the price down! Telling other men not to pay more, that women are desperate and will say yes, is fucking disgusting. Any man who spends time talking trash about working girls and telling men to pay less is an absolute shit stain. In addition, they are not allowed to give themselves the sugar daddy title. They’re dick sewage. The term sugar daddy applies to men with large net worth’s and the desire to spend it on someone special. You can’t call yourself a sugar daddy if you can’t afford more than a thousand per meet. Sorry. You’re just a trick. Own it. Accept it. Get the fuck off those sites. Craigslist and Backpage are for you. Granted, they’re fucked now, so I’m guessing you should hit the streets or a cheap escort service. I understand websites use the term “sugar daddy” for legal reasons, they can’t say ho’s-R-us, but still, the understanding is an ongoing arrangement. Three hundred to fuck is a travesty (that’s the number her customer told her the men were sharing)

To those weasels: Go fuck yourself and I hope you get gout of the dick this afternoon. If you can’t afford more than $300 for a pro than hit up a chick on Tinder and buy her a few rounds. Get out of our game. Likewise, and I know I’ll get blowback for this, if you’re a woman and you can’t pull more than $300 for sex, it’s not your industry

Let me put it into terms that might make sense, and incidentally the reason why I think women should strip before they hook: the average cost of a VIP dance ranges from $100-$500. If it’s a hundred bucks for three songs (approximately ten to thirteen minutes), no “extras”, lap dance only, that’s the jumping off point for what your time and energy is worth. Ten minutes. No Sex. Don’t fuck a man—putting yourself at risk—for anything less than a grand. Most men will sell the family jewels if they want it bad enough. Say no to those lowball offers. Tell them you’ll hold out for more. That you’re worth every penny. We dictate the market. Not them! I understand when times are tough, trust me, I’ve been in the industry for twenty six years. But if we’re taking this risk, physically and emotionally, the point is to pull more than the club or a bartending shift. I’m not a princess, hell, my own price has dropped from its original 20k due to over saturation in the field, but I value myself, my body, mind, and time. Admittedly, I’m fired up (and a little sauced) but this issue affects the entire industry. If we charge more for our services, we elevate the industry. That’s how the market works

To all men who enjoy the convenience of pros: don’t be a bag of used diapers. Cough up more dough and reap the rewards. You get what you pay for. The game isn’t, ‘how little can I get away with’, it’s, ‘what’s a mutually satisfying number’.

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