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...I find that my drug talk on Instagram makes me more nervous than my sex work; especially when it comes to young audiences. I grew up in a house where drugs were commonplace (that happens when you live with the largest dealer in the county), and sans the violence and general baby boom selfishness, it wasn’t a big deal. It didn’t make me want to do them, if anything, I hated drugs. Cocaine being at the top of the list. I directly saw (and was on the receiving end of) the negative effects. It wasn’t glorified or set to a cool soundtrack. I don’t want to glorify anything I do in my life. I’m simply telling it like it is. Being a sex worker is hard as fuck and most drugs are pretty stupid, but I like them in small doses. Life is all about balance and self-knowledge.

I refused to snort cocaine until I was almost thirty-years-old thinking it was the evil-doer (not how the person handled themselves on drugs). Certain mysteries from my childhood were solved that first time, but the main discovery for me—within the frame of drugs—has been that it’s unique to the person and the why. We all know drugs are shit for you. So are cigarettes and a combo meal number four at Taco Bell.

The only thing I can advocate is self-discovery, honesty (with yourself and others), and integrity.

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