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I've been waiting so long for this. We've been texting, sexting, sharing photos and videos. A retro love story, save for the pulp. Endless hours of digital prose. I can't believe I'm finally going to feel you. I'm nervous. I'm sure you are too. I can't wait to be in your arms. Smell you. Taste your lips. Your cock. I'm starved for it. I'm ready. Haven't had deep, passionate, inner soul sex in a long time. When I left my last serious boyfriend to write, hook, and be myself unequivocally, I didn't factor in the lack of true passion. I have ex's I see from time to time, whom I'll always adore, but it's a dusty lust. And my clients, of course, but that's not the same. Get back on track, girl. Back to the man you have fallen for who lives three thousand miles away. The one you are finally going to be face to face with in a matter of minutes.

[minutes later]

You knock. My stomach is 90 proof butterflies. I open the door. You are a vision. We are smiling like Sponge Bob children. A tiny gaggle of fools. You step in and take me into your arms. We melt. It's unimaginable heaven. We kiss. Electric. Your lips...everything I had hoped for and more. Our tongues brush and swirl. Mixing whiskey and weed. I could do this for hours. We're beside ourselves. We barely know what to do. The buildup of a lifetime. We break away and laugh. Knowing we're both thinking the same thing. We walk to the bed. I still can't believe I'm here. Three thousand miles from my home. In front of you. You slip off your shoes. I'm not wearing much already. I know what I want: Everything you.

Music is playing. The lighting is low. Duh. We lie on the bed. We've said it all. This is the only thing we haven't done. I strip you out of your pants and shirt. I need as much of your flesh as possible. I inhale your skin as if it's pixie dust. I originally said I wanted to go slow, but all I want in this moment is your cock inside me.

You're lying on your side next to me. Kissing me and rubbing my clit through my panties. My mind is going crazy. Is this really happening?! I want to savor every second. Your thick cock is pulsing against my thigh through your boxer briefs. I wedge my warm hand between us and gently squeeze him. You pull my underwear aside and stick a husky finger inside. I gasp. You immediately cover my lips with yours. My moan is muffled by your savory mouth. You add another finger, it takes a second to get in. Despite what I do for work, I've been a damn nun lately, plus it's just the way I'm built. Your groan is guttural when you feel how tight my pussy is. You break away to shower my face with kisses and suck on my nipple while you slowly finger bang me. Getting to know my body. Claiming it as yours. You already have my heart.

You circle my clit with the pad of your thumb. Every sensation I'm having is insanely good. I'm so turned on I'm lightheaded. I feel an orgasm building. I pull my panties off. You follow my movement, moving your head south, gliding your tongue along my clit. Wet, soft, hungry. It's perfection. You can tell you've got me. My body is singing to you. I grab your head and hold you in place. You keep the rhythm. I tip over and come impossibly hard. I'm amazed it's happening even as it is. I let it rip through me and escape my lips. When it's finally over I give you the death grip as if to say: "continue and I'll kill you". My clit is a live wire.

You hover your dripping lips over my flesh and still your fingers. Feasting on my spasms. Sending tiny currents throughout your body. I can tell it's torturing you not to taste me, so I back up a little and breathlessly say, "Now. I need you right now."

You don't need arm-twisting. You gently retrieve your fingers and pull your briefs off, pausing only to smell your glistening digits. Eyes closed in ecstasy. You mount me. I thought I wanted a tease, turns out it can come later. You kiss me deeper than you've ever kissed anyone. Your beard smells like my pussy. It's pure sex. We are lost in each other. Magnets that have been waiting eight months. You place the head of your throbbing cock at my begging cunt. I wrap my legs around you and draw you in. You breach and penetrate as we look into each other eyes and in unison say, "I love you."

You bottom out. Our animal instincts take over. I need to be fucked hard. You oblige. After a few minutes of grunts and groans and sweat, you say, "Are you fucking kidding me? Holy shit, you feel incredible. Sita, my cock has found its home...your pussy is mine" Your eyes are sparkling like a man awakened, "this is the last cock you'll ever feel."

My pussy squeezes him in response as a jolt of lightning rushes up my spine. You say it with such authority. Such knowing. I manage to whisper, "Yes." Followed by, "Stain me with your cum, babe. I want every drop."

That's all you need, you blast inside me. You make beautiful bear-like sounds. When the last spurts subside, you say, "I'm trapping my cum inside you, you are mine forever."

You push your cock deeper inside and lift my hips. Happiness is radiating off of us. Sometimes the sprint is just as hot as the marathon. It's an insatiable fantasy. If only you weren't hitched and I wasn't a hooker.

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