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I’m real smart. I’ve been wearing glitter on my eyelids for a while now—I love the way it sparkles in the club—but when I apply it with a Q-tip, some falls on my face. Which bugs the shit outta me. The Bare doesn’t have a bathroom in the dressing room, so in lieu of a sink, I’ve been using my bojingo wipes to swab off the fallout glitter. I noticed the coochie cloth left a bit of a film on my face, but I didn’t think much of it. I’ve been doing this for a week maybe, and I started breaking out yesterday. I rarely have acne, so it’s a nuisance, and a mystery. I’ve been eating and drinking the same things for years now, and haven’t changed facial products. Then, as I was using said wipe on my cheek tonight, it hit me…oh, maybe this is the culprit! Duh. Clearly I would have dragged my lazy ass to the ladies room had I foreseen this. But seriously, what did I think a vagina wipe would do to my face?

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