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Meet me at the motel. I got a suite. It’s divvy and ready for a romp. Music is playing and I’m already into the bourbon. All that’s missing is you. Hurry up. I’ve needed you for a long time. Months of teasing on the phone. My body yearns for you. Hasn’t craved someone this badly in a long spell. I want to smell you. Taste you. Take you in. Make you mine. Laugh into the night. Get drunk. Dance naked. Whisper naughty things designed just for you. Divulge secret feelings neither of us should be having. Not a care in the world. Just us. Nothing else exists outside this room. Inside these walls, you are mine, and no one else’s. Give your body, heart and soul to me. My everything is yours. Take it. Possess it. Claim ownership. Do what you please. I ache for you something fierce. I’m ravenous. Tease me. Lay me down. I’ll open the door in panties only.

Lead me to the bed. Push me down. Pull the hem of them down just past the V of my pubic hair. Just enough to expose my clit. Hover your wet tongue there. I can feel the heat of your breath. Make me beg. You drip on my delicate flesh and it’s driving me insane. You smirk and graze my clit with the flat of your tongue. It’s ecstasy. I close my eyes and moan. You feel my body respond. My head tingles. You pull my underwear down further and suck on my clit. I’m lost in this sensation.

“Baby…baby…take your boxers off and bring your cock to my mouth."

You stop for a second, just long enough to say, “No, babe, not yet…and don’t tell me what to do.”

I chuckle and hide my face with my arm. You rip the cloth separating us, exposing me entirely. You’re hungry for my pussy. You thrust your tongue inside. Your arms wrapped under and around my legs. You resonate in that spot. You pull me into you. Now you’re flicking my clit. I’m dying.

“Babe, please”, I beg breathlessly.

I’ve waited so long to taste you. Touch you. You can’t deny me. Your cock is straining against your pants. He knows he’s wanted. You slid out of your jeans and boxers, our eyes locked. You lie on your side to give me access while you can still suck on my pussy. I take your cock in my hand and trace the ridge with my tongue, and then I suck on the head like it’s candy. I massage the backside of your head with my thumb. You moan into my cunt. My free arm is around your waist. Your hips push forward as a natural response. I smile and take him down my throat. My mouth is dripping. My mouth is your home. We are one in this position. I can’t get enough. You are sucking and flicking. And I can’t hold it any longer.

You stay steady on that motion as I take your cock back down my throat. I gently cup your balls and then I cum. My throaty sounds reverberate around your dick. It’s intense. Delicious.

When my orgasm comes down, I push your head away as I free your cock from my mouth. You don’t want to leave, but I’m too damn sensitive and I need you inside me. NOW. It doesn’t need to be said. You need the same thing. We're in sync. You get on top of me and breach my pussy with the head of your slippery cock. Holy fuck. Nothing has ever felt this good. I’m crazy tight from cuming, and all the blood flush. You lean down and kiss me profoundly as you plunge your cock deep inside. I whimper in your mouth. Your body quivers. You pull back to get air.

“Don’t ever leave”, I say.

“Not a fucking chance.”

We are animalistic. No thoughts. All instinct takes over. We are sweat and desire. This euphoria could go on forever, but I know it won’t be a long-distance race. It’s our first time together and we have all night. You’ve shown great restraint. My pussy is gripping and massaging you.

“Let go, baby, cum”, I say with a smile as I look at you with kitten eyes. You melt and stallion all at once. You’re a goner. You thrust and unload into me. Every drop is mine. You sound like thunder. It sends chills up and down my spine. I’m in love. And we’ve just met face to face.

“All mine”, I say.

“All yours”, you choke out. Your cum is still pulsing out of you, as you collapse on top of me. I hold you tightly. Your breath ragged on my neck and coming in waves. Pure heaven. I want to hold this position for days, but alas, I need to pee.

“Jump up cowboy, I gotta piss and take a swig.”

You laugh. The sound warms my heart. Second greatest sound to you cuming.

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