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{dressing room chatter}

It’s a hoot and a riot listening to young strippers give other young strippers advice on relationships. Pretty ridiculous shit with a copious amount of rules and games.

“Don’t do that if you really like him.”

“Play hard to get.”

“Only give him head if he says he loves you.”

On and on. All of it, horseshit. Just do what’s in your heart. Be yourself. Speak your truth. Do you think men are paying attention to anything we do anyway? You think they’re sitting around wondering why we did something or what it meant? They’re thinking about coming and eating. Or sleeping, but definitely not the message you tried to convey through Morse code. Don’t concern yourself with what people think…people are nuts. All that matters is that you know who you are. So, suck a guy’s dick under the bar table if you want. Or better yet, the reverse. Be confident and ask for what you need. I think that damn Rules Book was a detriment to womenkind. I’m sure it had some fine points (I haven’t read it), but I’ve never had a hard time “catching” good men, and I don’t play games. I’m not perfect, but I’ve done what I’ve wanted without apology. I hooked up with a man under a bridge when I was a teen, and also had a diamond ring on my finger once; it’s been a good life. Seize the day, girls! Don’t worry so much. Perhaps I’m just older now, and I’m conveniently forgetting what it’s like to be twenty. My empathies. You couldn’t pay me enough money to go back to any other age than what I am now.

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