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The nastiest incident from that club happened one weekend night while I was in the “genie bottle.” An unsuspecting, average-looking dude asked me for a show. “Of course,” I said. I shut my curtain to the hallway and opened the one to his window. He locked the door and put cash in the machine. I did my usual. He took his shirt off, slid his pants down and did his usual. Then it got interesting. He reached around and took some poo out of his ass and used it as lubricant. He continued to get more from his seemingly never-ending personal poo lube hole and proceeded to smear it all over his body! I’m lying there naked, “playing” with myself, making ooh-ing and mmm-ing sounds, thinking, “Thank god for this thick Plexiglas!” He even put some in his mouth! Finally he came, put his clothes back on and left. You should have seen the look on poor Johnny the Jizz Mopper’s face when he opened the door. I felt really bad for him. No way that room smelled good. But let’s face it, that’s a nasty job either way you slice it. Come to think of it, I didn’t notice any baby wipes sticking out of poo dude’s back pocket. I wonder if he went to get some fried rice smelling like that?

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