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The Declining Sex Industry

September 17, 2017 Rock Bottom La Jolla 7:37 p.m. white wine/mac n cheese topic: the declining sex industry. {Author’s note: when I say “decline” I don’t mean populous}

I always cringe when I see a stripper post about a slow, fucked-up night (and take a knee in gratitude that I’m private-only these days). Lord knows I know those nights. Hell, Anything But a Wasted Life wouldn’t exist without the 2008 market crash slow shifts. Twenty-one years is a long time to spend in strip clubs. You can bet I’ve seen just about everything. Actually, that’s not true, I can think of thousands of weird scenarios I’m surprised never happened (ten at the least). Anyway, I’m off point. I barely remember my point. I’ll be up front; I’m fucking exhausted. I worked on projects all day and then drove the extremely annoying trek from LA to San Diego. I should have cancelled this Baby Bird visit. I’m overwhelmed and not in dire need of cash.

Strip clubs aren’t what they used to be. Plain and simple. Not to be a negative Nancy—I certainly support all my girls and hope they make a killing every night—but I visit clubs all over the U.S. and I see what’s happening. Not to say that money can’t still be made, it is and women do, but from what I can tell, what’s now hit or miss used to be our nightly quota back in the day. Sadly, the more “out” we all become, the shittier the dough seems to be. Maybe it’s a ‘why buy the cow’. I’m party to this change so I have no room to complain, Hell, I can’t complain at all. I’m no longer in the club game.

It’s not just the clubs, though. I see girls selling themselves for cheap: come to think of it, that is club-related because it’s due to them not making enough at the pole. I hope. Escort prices have dropped [due to women giving shit away for nothing] and now all these John’s think they own the world. On top of this, the number of women in the industry seems to double by the day. Although the social media oppression is on us at the moment, stripping is still more widely excepted than it used to be. Combine that with our cost of living and every young chick wanting to dress up and do pole tricks and guess what you get. I miss the days when it was underground and we got paid more. I wish uber-wealthy men would stop marrying their escorts and continue to funnel that dough into the industry. And I wish girls would stop giving their wares away for next to nothing.

A thought I had recently, months after writing this: social media (Instagram, especially) provides women in the sex industry with a lot more opportunity. Opportunity we didn’t have pre-2010. I wonder where I’d be now if I had started writing and sharing my experience worldwide in the nineties.

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