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Insider tidbits about my memoir Anything But a Wasted Life

First photo (credit: Linda models: anonymous) this is the old “private room” at Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre - it no longer exists. We did private toy shows while guys jacked off (cleaned by the techs after each guy), where Linda stood to take this picture—on the other side of a short plexiglas wall. I don’t name him in my book, but fuckit, this is where John Cusack pulled his huge cock out and came while looking at my spread open legs. After coming he ruined it by giving me the “Don’t you know who I am?” line after I declined his hotel room offer.

*note: there was a time before clear platform heels existed and we had to wear regular shit

Second photo: R. Crumb was just one of many friends of Jim & Artie Mitchell. This drawing of his is on the wall upstairs in the wide hallway near the party offices and dressing rooms Third photo: Hunter S. Thompson, also a friend of the brothers, worked briefly as a manager at the club in the 80’s. This photo was taken around the time I met him. He and Johnny Depp came into the club a few times while Johnny was preparing for his role in Fear & Loathing. All the girls were flipping out over Johnny, I was over Hunter. He watched me perform and told me I was sexy as I stood naked in heels-only next to him in the dark DJ booth upstairs. A moment I will never forget. My friend and I played pool late at night outside the club with Johnny—it was nothing compared to meeting Hunter. Looking back, I wish I had spent more time with him, but I was working and famous people came in all the time. *the DJ used a hand-maneuvered spotlight for our stage performances. The only strip club in modern times where I’ve seen this

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