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– i’m actually quite a soft, loving person. (unless i have low blood sugar)

– i’m a bit of a healer by nature. one of the things i’ve loved most about my work is the contact and bringing joy to people. (men. it’s mostly been men)

– i’m not a bitter person. in fact, i border on positive. (of course this depends on how much sleep i’ve had. and the couple times i tried to kill myself)

– i love my maine coon cat, monkey. (even though my house would be cleaner if he weren’t in it)

– i love carpaccio. (actually, you may have already known that)

– i love sex, even though it’s what i do to pay the bills. (see above parenthesis)

– i’ve been playing a lot of golf recently, and i fucking love it. (but if i don’t get a hole in one within a year, i’m quitting)

– most of the shit that flows from my brain to paper is sarcasm. (i don’t take myself too seriously)

– i’m a pretty humble person. (despite the million half naked self-portraits and that i write about myself)

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