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I wasn’t always a city girl, you know. I grew up in a small town amongst rolling hills and unlocked doors. I rode horses and made out with boys behind the school. My 8th grade graduating class consisted of only twenty-four kids. And then there was the eight months I lived in the Sierra Nevadas. I was ten. It was 1980. It snowed in the winter and was hot in the summer. We didn’t even have electricity! True mountain living. I rode dirt bikes and climbed trees. It smelled like pine and Manzanita. The song “Jessica” by the Allman Brothers immediately transports me to this time in my life. Floating down the Yuba River on inner tubes and laying on the huge boulders in the clean mountain air. I’d love to do that with you. Lie on a huge rock in the sun, our feet in the fresh cold water, and our skin warm. Not another soul around. We kiss here. Your tongue tastes like sugar and salt. Our sexual attraction and connection is palpable. We feel like teenagers. I see your cock rising in your shorts. The only reason you still have them on is because you like it when I take them off. I roll over towards you on my side. My bare breasts against your flesh. You hiss. I smile. I touch my lips to yours while my fingers wander to your chest. Light touches. I play with your nipple. You moan in my mouth. I pinch. Your left hand comes around to the back of my head and pushes my mouth into yours. You can’t get enough. We’d swallow each other if we could. I don’t need air. I have yours. My cool finger tips travel down to your waistband. I tug at it. “Mine”, I say. You nod just barely. I lift the band up and break away from you. You’re breathing heavy.

I curl my head towards your navel. I give myself access to your cock, but only the head. He’s throbbing and aching for me. Keeping him mostly hidden, I lick the pre-cum and you growl. I swirl my tongue around your head and my favorite ridge. I lift your shorts up so I can taste your shaft. I know what you want. You want me to envelop you in my wet mouth, but we have all the time in the world...I’m going to make you wait...a few more minutes. I tell you to lift your ass. You do as I say and I peel your shorts down your legs and throw them on the big rock. You’re standing at attention. He’s so beautiful. He’s hard just for me. I get chills when I think about that. Your hand is on my back. You notice I have goose bumps and ask if I’m cold. “No, it was something yummy that ran through my mind.”

“Then get back to sucking my cock, you slut.”

I laugh. You join. I want to kiss that smart mouth, but I want your cock even more. I cup your balls and slide him in my mouth and down my throat. You stop laughing. You close your eyes and smile. Your head resting on a blanket we made into a pillow. Thick saliva forms in my mouth. I love sucking your cock. My hand slides up around the head. I expertly suck and encircle the right spot. I want you to cum in my mouth. I only want oral sex on this rock. We’ll make love in the cabin later by the crackling fire. Right now I want us to be selfish. No better orgasm than coming into the mouth of your lover. I speed up my tempo. You grab my hair. I moan. It reverberates around your cock. You taste sweet and savory. You taste like love and freedom. You taste like happiness. I can tell you’re getting close. You know how badly I want your cum. You know I want you to shoot the back of my throat. You groan and buck, and then you release. You are loud. It echo’s off the mountains.

I keep your shaft in my mouth as you experience aftershocks. I lay my head on your body and barely caress your flesh with my tongue. Finally, I suck him clean as I pull up.

“God damn, baby, I’ve never cum that hard from getting head”, you say. Your voice is deep, raspy and filled with lust. I kiss you. You lick my lips. When we part, you hold the sides of my head in your big hands and put your mouth by my ear, you whisper, “I fucking love you, my heart is yours." My whole body jolts electric. It goes straight to my pussy. She starts throbbing. You reach down, into my panties and shove two fingers inside me. I gasp and moan.

“You see that? That’s mine”, you say with authority.

I whimper. You continue to finger-fuck me as you shove your tongue down my throat. I can’t get enough. It feels so incredibly good. Our bodies were made for this. This is what life is about. "Roll on your back”, you order. You suck on my nipple, my eyes close. You slide down on the big rock and place yourself between my legs. Your warm tongue goes directly to my clit. You know exactly how I want it. You make out with my pussy. We moan at the same time.

“Faster, baby”, I say.

“Shut up”, you retort.

I chuckle. You tease my opening with your fingers. You know you are driving me crazy. Then my body tells you what she wants and you listen. Staying on the same motion with your tongue. I hold the sides of your head and my body tenses up just before I tip over and let my orgasm wash over me. You slide your finger in deep just as I’m’s pure ecstasy. When I’m done, I have to push your head away. I wrap my legs around your back and you hug my body as you lay on my stomach. It doesn’t get any better than this. You look up at me and tell me I’m the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. Just as I’m smiling, I notice movement across the river; another couple has just come into view, she winks and waves at me. I wave back. We are too blissed out to give a shit, plus it’s the river, no one cares.

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