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The first time I saw a customer outside of work (unplanned), was in San Francisco, when I still worked at the Lusty Lady. I had worked a weekend shift—open till 4 a.m. —and I went to the 24hour Safeway on Market Street after we closed. As I was in line to pay, the dude in front of me (who was with a girl), turned around, and I recognized him from maybe an hour previous—when he was jacking off looking at my pussy. He whipped his head away from me unnaturally quick. It was clear that he also had recognized me. I was standing there in all my glitter and blue eye shadow glory, and even though due to the nature of The Lusty, it would be our pussies a man could best pick out of a line-up, they still see our faces. In fact, some guys requested that I knell, so that they could look at my face. It was clear that we both knew. I could feel his anxiety radiating off of him. I’m assuming he was having a very serious one-on-one with God right then, praying I wouldn’t say anything in front of this girl. Of course I wouldn’t. I’m not an idiot. Poor guy was mortified. Honestly, it was weird for me as well. San Francisco is a small city, it was bound to happen, but I didn’t think it would take place in the same night!

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