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Overworked & Underwhelmed

Ainsley let me take over her secondary Instagram account for a week!  @sticks_and_stones_yourspace 

Although it came with a bit more pressure than I had anticipated, it was great fun. These images and piece from back in the day are a fun result.

Book Review: John Rieber's take

Fabulous review of Anything But a Wasted Life by John Rieber!

Vice Interview

This interview was held at 11 p.m. P.S.T over the phone and and nine thousand miles.


We spoke for an hour. It was pretty wild.

Check it out!!


"The only person who can make you feel judged is you, says stripper in her memoir."

I was asked a few great questions by IANS. 

Read them here!

Micro Review: 'Anything But a Wasted Life" reveals the stormy life of a stripper

I think it's funny they used the term "stormy" considering all the press about Stormy Daniels and our Cheeto president. Perhaps it was on purpose.  

Also. I'm not a former sex worker (not yet) and I graduated collage but never made it to law school. *sigh* Not sure how these media outlets are getting it wrong, but hey, all press is good press, right?  ;)

The Art of Stripping: "I'll Keep Grinding and Writing"

I recorded vocal answers to thoughtful questions by Urmi Bhattacheryya of in India.


The editor changed my slideshows and added photos from my Instagram account. It's a mishmash of me!

Check it out!

"Take from me my lace" photo series

New images from my overheated but fun summer day shoot with the stunning and talented beauty, Amber, at Sticks & Stones Agency. 

The shoot was co styled by Amber. Follow her styling account on Instagram: @intheairdesigns 

More images from the shoot to follow on my Instagram.

Documentum Tv periodical

I was asked to contribute/be a part of a very unique and beautiful periodical published by Documentum Tv. This second issue Vol.1 "examines the serious play in the literary-text-with-picture space happening in the Instagram arena". 


I'm honored to have my work featured among such a great group of artists. 


Check it out! You can pre order a copy now.  

The Traveler Microphone Interview

Read my most recent interview. It's a cool site that asks the same questions...gets lots of varied answers.


Also check out their great photos on Instagram: @gezginmikrofon

"What do you see (when you look at me)"

Read my latest exclusive piece for Sticks And Stones Agency about judging a person by their cover (or more appropriately: what you can't see by their cover). 


View Ainsley's favorites from the series I shot with my friend, Farah. We had so much fucking fun on these shoots (spanning over a week). I'm going to add more from the series on my site soon. 



Featured interview in Playboy!

A friend of a friend and fellow writer came to my house one afternoon to talk to me about my life, my controversial career, and the fact that I'm so open about it. Enjoy the exclusive interview and self-portraits I shot for the article. 


I dreamed of being in Playboy when I was a little girl. I never imagined I'd make it into the iconic magazine for my brain. And my balls. I'm pretty stoked!     


I'd like to add a couple thoughts to the interview: interviews are tough. They are short snippets into and about a person's world. They don't cover the whole picture. In one of the questions, I say a little something about how my clients aren't my relationships, but it's not that simple. If you've read a lot of my writing, you know that the relationships I have my regulars are complicated, but it is a relationship of sorts. What I was speaking to is that I wouldn't be in it if I wasn't being compensated. This isn't a slight against any man that pays me, it a simply fact.


The bit about me coming and them wanting me to: I have come with clients, but it's extremely personal and not what I'm there for. I'm present and I love to have I said, it's complicated and something I've written about in more detail my memoirs. xo 

"My Life and the Meter is Running"

Ainsley asked me to write a new piece for them (Sticks and Stones Agency). I asked my followers on Instagram and what I got were questions about the industry. I answer them here. I also took a self-portrait series at a cabin for the piece. 

"Market Value"

I piece I wrote about putting a price on oneself for intimacy. 

"Don't Feed the Animals"

An exclusive piece (from my third memoir) about a trip with my crazy client, "The Texan". 

"Shitty Interview"

The pull random questions from a jar, it was fun and funny. 

"Piss Pants"

That time I peed on a guy for money...


Jacq the stripper is a dancer, writer and comedian. She sent me one of her custom T-shirts and asked me some questions about the biz. 

Sticks and Stones Agency

A cutting edge online magazine and dynamic stylist duo posted my first chapter as well as a bunch of my original photography.  


I got a lovely feature on

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