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My very first ZINE!  ** ONLY 1 MOTEL ZINE LEFT! **


This shoot was so much fun and I have too many favorites to post on social media - not to mention the ones that are "not safe" for sensitive eyes and a misogynist app.


All uncensored - including yours truly! I wasn't sure I was going to include my nips, but fuckit, I'm a woman who doesn't apologize for being human.


8.5 x 5.5 22 pages glossy paper 69 images inside (unplanned, I swear)


Small run...get one while they last! I won't print these puppies again.



Sita Kaylin Photography © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Copying artist's work is illegal under U.S. comprising both a civil and potentially criminal violation of the copyright statute.

The Motel Zine

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