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 Welcome To My 
Cuddle Adventures

I was a professional cuddler for about half a minute before I was banned.
*Bad girl*

I give so much of my work away for free...this is a small,
yet significant way for you to support me as an artist. Not only do you get my special brand of sarcasm and self-deprecation, the tales come with at least one image I can't post on social media.

Each story requires a password $5.99 (ea)

  Venmo is best for this: 
 I can message you immediately and 
 they don't take a cut. @hollywoodsupergirl (Kit Kelly)

I'll send the password after I receive your donation notification.
NOTE: PapPayl/Stripe don't have memo sections so I will contact you via email.

You can order more than one at a time!

Why I was banned from the Cuddle site...


My cuddle adventures were cut short due to a nosey someone who found my website, paid for one of my stories, then reported me to the cuddle site. The fact that I went/go to great lengths to hide the identities of anyone in my orbit meaning nothing to this person (whom I never met or dealt with). Clearly, my retelling of my experience was a great affront to them. What makes my writing any different from all those people in the early Tinder days going on dates and penning it? Nothing except what I was doing with some of the cuddle dudes was illegal and against the rules of the site. Funnily enough, that didn’t seem to be this person’s contention…just that I was writing about it. The cuddle site reached out to confirm/discuss the allegation. I never responded. Not wanting them to dig deeper for the real issue. Once again, the fact that what I do with another consenting adult is illegal/criminalized is so GOD DAMN ANNOYING. Whatever, the cuddle thing was more trouble than it was worth. But good for the stories. Anyway, that’s why my stint was under three months. At least I went out with a bang…a famous actor! That’s number fifteen.

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