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Your favorite maverick has added “professional cuddler” to her list of talents. That’s right, cuddle with me for a nominal fee.

If you live in Los Angeles (or plan to visit) book a session with me!

All genders welcome!

We can hang out and drink, snuggle and watch a movie, or listen to D’Angelo while I work my healing magic in your arms.


I’ve been treating these like horizontal lap dances.


$200/hr base price

Fill out the form below to book - include the date/time you're interested in. Also, if you live further than 10 miles from Glendale, there will be an added

travel fee (which I make up for in person;) Max: 25 miles

I can't host so it'll have to be at your place, an Airbnb or hotel (that you rent)

I'll be out of town/unavailable the following dates:

July 25 - July 30

August 3 - 18

August 23 - 29

† I’ve been with men who asked me not to post about them and I’ve honored the request. All you have to do is ask. On the flip side: some men have hung out with me so they could read about themselves. Up to you!



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You Rule!

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