Your favorite maverick has added “professional cuddler” to her list of talents. That’s right, cuddle with me for a nominal fee.

Who knew such a thing existed? The best part is: it’s legit and legal!

If you live in Los Angeles (or plan to visit) book a session with me. We can hang out and have wine, snuggle and watch a movie, or listen to D’Angelo while I work my healing magic in your arms.

Fair warning: Like a shark, I need to keep moving—I’ve been treating these like PG-17 horizontal lap dances—which was my favorite aspect of dancing.

It’ll be nice to book sessions with people who already know and love me!

Find me here:




Sign up is free!

I might up the base price in the new year but for now it’s $100 an hour + tip

P.S. I’m playing by the rules. 

If you have questions about the sessions, ask via email:

(you can also fill out the box on my mailing list)