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The night we met Suckerfish

The Texan and I tipped a cute girl on stage at the same time. We usually take turns. He was chatting her up. He chats up all the dancers while they’re on stage. Weird time to rap with someone. Always trying to get one to join us. I didn’t allow this for the first seven years, but have been letting it slide for the past two. Anyway, I guess he talked her into coming to dinner with our group. A cocktail waitress was set to come as well. That ended up being a bit of an ordeal for me because someone in the group had promised her three hundred for dinner (I was not aware of this), but when it came time to pay up all heads were down so I took over. The Texan never pays for non-sex activities so I assumed it wasn’t him who quoted her. However, he generally picks up the tab at these things so I took his money clip and gave her some dough. It wasn’t the full amount, but it also wasn’t my problem. Truthfully, I didn’t like her attitude throughout the meal. Real stick in the mud. The other one, the adorable dancer, said she was coming back to our room. I liked her. I can’t picture her face at the moment, which is funny considering we fucked for hours, but that’s how I am.

She asked me to show her where the bathroom was at the restaurant. I held her hand. I’m momma bear in these situations. Drunk, high, working girl momma bear.

At the hotel: she said she was a lesbian. That she hadn’t been with a man in ten months. She was ALL OVER ME. More than him. It was adorable. She kept kissing my shoulders and begging to go down on me. We were both on the tail end of our periods.

We were having fun. Laughing. Fucking. He was flying through condoms because he takes so much time in between intercourse to jack off and other fuckery. At one point, he was railing her. I could tell she didn’t like it. I get so protective. She had made it very clear to both of us that I was the reason she felt safe being there. I know he won’t come like that so I know he’s being an unreasonable egotistical ass with that shit. Which means no one really likes it so why in the living fuck? She was moaning and breathing hard like a good ho. I did my best to slow him down. I wish I had a laser pointer so I could distract him. Everyone in the room was playing their part with precision.

In the midst of this work orgy, he and I wrestled. We haven’t done that in ages. I love wrestling. We made her nervous. I kept assuring her it was fine. He wasn’t hurting me, but we don’t fuck around. I have bruises to prove it. I also like bruises from naked wrastling.

She and I took turns going down on each other, but mostly, she was suction-cupped between my legs. No chance I was going to come, however, her enthusiasm was an ego boost. She kept saying how good I tasted. Having a young hottie on your jock when you’re in the ninth year stretch with your trick is a good thing. I’ll say this for her, she had stamina. I guess we all do when we’re on drugs and in our twenties. More importantly, she was fun and great at talking dirty. It was sexy. Probably a little too much “daddy” for him. Although he likes young girls, he’s not really into the daddy role. I liked it, so fuckit. I used to talk dirty in my own sex life. I miss it. I was good at it, but then I had that relationship where I couldn’t and it got me out of the habit. I’d like to find a worthy opponent to bring it out of hiding. Not with The Texan. He gets enough.

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