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In a wild turn of events, my Amazon seller account was reinstated and my book was published automatically! Woot!

As of this minute, the ebook and paperback aren’t linked (separate pages), I don’t know why. Honestly, Amazon has scrambled my brain over the past couple of weeks. Also, I’m not sure why it says 2018 as the publish date…that’s the original pub date…I want this edition to say 2023…Amazon bots do what they want. Search SITA KAYLIN on Amazon, you'll find both. :)

I’ve uploaded the paperback, eBook & AUDIOBOOK to an additional publishing platform—it’ll take a little time to get out into the market (once approved).

Once it does, it’ll give you more buying options if you’d rather not go through Amazon … however, I’m not sure the paperback will be available in all countries … which means it’s back to Amazon. The publishing process is truly mind-boggling!

Thanks for your continued love! I’ve nearly given up altogether, but I’m powering through because that’s what I do. Xo

I’ll let you know when all the formats are out—especially the audiobook! I should have a universal link with all the places to find Anything But a Wasted Life.

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