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Dimples - third times a charm?

{if you're new to the Sita party...go back to my home page and scroll down to "ORIGIN STORIES" for background on the characters in my orbit}

Third night with The Texan…July 1st

We rolled into town a little late. We were set to be at the club already. The guys (supposedly a group of thirteen that went down to six) were waiting for big daddy. I looked like shit so I told him to go ahead of me; I’d Uber after showering. The club is less than a mile from our hotel. I didn’t dally, but it didn’t stop him from texting asking when I was gonna be there. It was the owners birthday and apparently, he was ready to leave but wanted to say hi to me first. I love him so I put a little giddyup in my step. I got there an hour after Tex (which isn’t all that bad for a chick). Gave the owner a huge hug and met his wife for the first time—an ex dancer, no doubt—and said hello to the guys. This was the first time I’ve seen Dimples since our last tryst (December 2019), which feels longer because of the plague year. I sat next to the new guy I’ve been flirting with. I think I’ll call him Low Key Sexy…Low Key for short. I played it cool with Dimples. Not giving him any special treatment. I did it for The Texan but also, no one else knows we’ve all hooked up. Plus, the open chair was next to Low Key. We ended up having a super fun conversation about sex. Do I remember the specifics? Nope. But I was into it. I could tell we’d have the kind of sex Tex would really be jealous of. Intense, heated, awesome. Dimples was watching me flirt which was fun.

A tall, thin dancer came over. She was super flirty with me. Tex paid her to give me a lap dance upstairs. Which hasn’t happened in forever. I told her she could just hang with me; no dance necessary. However, after hearing about my lengthy career, she asked me to dance for her. Which I did. Even though I’d much rather dance on a dude…it’s just easier. She was sweet. The Texan got her number—I don’t know if he asked her to come to the hotel that night like he usually does, but maybe he did and she said she couldn’t that night. Either way, I was trying to keep my promise to myself to let him handle all the girls from now on. I learned my lesson from the chick in Phoenix. But then she asked for my number. Not wanting to be a dick, I gave her my burner. This is how it happens. I’m too nice. And buzzed.

The Texan was pushing to leave (when is he not?). This was a rare time when I didn’t mind leaving relatively early, knowing what was in store (Dimples confirmed he was in). Also, I had an early flight. Tex bought two eight balls (why that much is a mystery to me). I know he got it for Dimples and the girls he had coming, but two was overkill. The girls: two Cuban chicks—one he’s fucked before and the other he’s never met. I think he thought other girls might be joining, who knows.

Back at the room…

Dimples was running a bit behind us so we set up our normal shizz for the night. I got out of my clothes and into a cute fuck outfit (thin tank, teeny tiny mini skirt, no underwear). Tex opened the adjoining room door to the suite he rented for Dimples. Yup, that he rented and paid for. He pays the tab for most of these men. Which creates an interesting dynamic. I can tell on occasion, I’m not the only one acting/putting up with his shit.

Dimples showed. He divvied up the blow. I guess he was in charge of one of the balls. Minutes before the girls arrived, we decided to put anything of value in our room (not Dimples’). This is when I hid the bag of meth rocks Tex had asked me to repackage for traveling. And Tex hid his special Rolex. I didn’t remember doing it and had it on me in a most obvious manner the next day when I flew out. They ran my bag through several times and picked it apart. Thank god I had a million other zip lock items in that makeupl bag…they didn’t find them. Funny note: Tex couldn’t remember where he hid his watch. We’re quite the pair.

I was high as fuck. Mostly from the Adderall I took in addition to Frank (Adderall is a more obnoxious high but this was my fourth night partying, I needed the help).

The Cuban’s enter the scene!

I don’t think Tex mentioned I’d be there because they were immediately freaked out when they saw me. Did I mention neither of them spoke much English? The one he’s met before does a little, the other, not at all. Turns out, Dimples does, but didn’t tell them at first. Which was a baller move. He followed me into my room and said they didn’t expect another woman to be there—I hate when The Texan does this shit…you gotta tell whores what’s up, god dammit! I assured them through hand gestures they only needed to take care of The Texan. The vibe was hella weird. I gave them as much space as I could. Dimples and I spent time together on the couch and I kept going into my room to fuck around. Mostly, so they’d feel comfortable. They got naked, but weren’t drinking/partying; not that that matters but they weren’t even pretending to have fun!

I couldn’t get the new travel DVD player to work (turns out it was a fucking Blue Ray disc: a fact I discovered a week later because I left it in there). Tex wasn’t helping at all so we had ceiling porn only. The porn was for the girls and Tex since Dimples and I were mostly hanging out on the couch. Which was cool since we got to have more separate/secret conversations. One of which included him telling me I was a “great fuck”. It’s funny because, yes, I know I’m good at my job but I honestly think I’m kinda lazy in bed. Mostly because I don’t like being on top. That said, I’ve ridden men I was into for a long time and I like doing it on couches and in cars. Truth is, I’m almost never on top of The Texan because of his stomach. We all know I wouldn’t still be earning a living if I sucked.

I got on my knees in front of Dimples to suck his dick. I forgot he’s a head shove-r. Which is silly since I love giving head and deep throating, but he’s got a cervix buster, and that’s not the best position to deep throat. Long, non-girthy dicks aren’t my favorite. I bet he’s would fill out more if we were ever alone…instead of these whack ass situations. Doesn’t matter. I was having fun. He was giving me those “you’re a goddess” eyes and of course that smile. He asked me when I was going to fuck him.

“You want to fuck me, huh?” I asked with a devilish smile.

“Hell yeah, you know I do.”

Oh, foxy Dimples.

I climbed on top and slowly lowered myself on him. Did I mention my period started—five days early—the day before? Yep. Super awesome timing. I told Dimples…he didn’t give a fuck. This was second day bleeding, too. Thankfully, no cramps, or none that I could feel at any rate, but still, why?!? Back in the day I barely bleed. I’d fuck men and they’d never even know. Not now. Even so, I have yet to meet a man (or woman) who has turned me down due to my period.

I fucked him pretty good, in my not-so-humble opinion. It was nice being in our little bubble. While still being semi aware of the fact that The Texan was nearby. At one-point Dimples leaned in and said, “Whatever he’s paying you, it’s not enough.”

One of the top five hottest lines I’ve ever heard!

I stopped for who knows what kind of crackhead reason to run to my room. I think a part of me didn’t want Tex to think we were having too good a time. I checked in with Tex. The girls weren’t great, I could tell, but that was on him. Dimples asked if he was okay when I returned.

“I think so. He doesn’t seem real happy with them, though.”

“Yeah, I speak Spanish…they’re looking to cut and run.”

I rolled my eyes, “That doesn’t surprise me, that’s the vibe I’m getting. I don’t know why he does this.”

“He loves you, you know.”

“I know.”

“No, I mean he really loves you…I’m surprised he’s sharing you.”

I lifted my shoulder and smirked.

“My win” he said. He’s so damn cute.

I could tell things were deteriorating with the Cubans. Tex’s dick wasn’t hard. They weren’t doing shit to him or for him. He went through a couple condoms just because he wasn’t catching wood. This is the guy who knocks his hard cock on the bar! Literally. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him not get hard. They just laid on the bed nude like that was supposed to be enough. Waste of money. Sorry, ladies. After a little more time passed, it was enough. It was getting late. I leaned into Tex to suggest he let them go. Dimples had let the Spanish out of the bag and had been talking to them. They just wanted to leave. It wasn’t a good situation, but at that point I say cut your losses and learn your lesson. He agreed. Unfortunately, being the baby he is, he told them to leave in a pissy voice. I get he was annoyed and not everyone is me (duh) but it’s always a gamble with unknowns. Sadly, the shitcan time he had with them was a blow to his ego. They were strictly business—made him feel like a trick—which isn’t good unless that’s your thing. It didn’t help that Dimples and I were having fun. Anyway, I tried to salvage his mood. Saying we’d have a better time now that they’d left. He told Dimples I’ve been talking about the time the three of us watched porn and jacked off (with me in the middle). Yes, I’ve brought it up, it was hot as hell, but he made it sound as if I’ve been talking about little else.

I took my position in the middle. We chose a new porn. We were laughing, bullshitting. It was a blast. Dimples started stroking himself. As did Tex (who’s dick came to life the minute they took off). I had a hand in each of their nut region. I bent towards The Texan and started sucking his dick—knowing he needed some love. I scooted my ass towards Dimples. He got the hint and entered. Tex was rock hard now. I hummed around his cock from pleasure. But just when I was about to roll onto my stomach so Dimples could get deeper, the fucker comes. No sound. I don’t know if he’s mute during his other sexcapades, but dammit, I like hearing men come.

He pulled away. I was confused at first.

“Did you come?” I asked.

“He did” Tex said, sounding mildly amused.

“I didn’t come inside you” Dimples said.

Yeah, right. He definitely got some inside me but that’s okay, I like creampies. Dirty whore. I’m taking a mail-in STI test soon. I’m the pro and yet I’m the one having the least amount of sex! Anyway, I poked at him for not making any sound whatsoever. He was beat. We tucked him in and gathered the porn.

“Is he gonna be okay?” Dimples asked out of earshot.

“Yup, I’ll make him come. He’ll be fine. P.S. he was hella hard during that” I grinned, “night, babe, that was fun.”

We shut the door in between our rooms and set up the projector. And just when I thought we were in the clear—after some rare form fucking—The Texan got upset. I’m sure he had something to prove. I may have been a little louder than normal picturing Dimples listening and jacking off. We stopped. He went into a small breakdown. Thankfully, not an old school suicidal meltdown. This one rooted in the guise that was hard to see me and Dimples fool around. Personally, I think it was only difficult because he wasn’t having fun. It turned into him crying saying how much he loves me. The usual. A new aspect of the program: he kept apologizing for being selfish. He is very selfish, just not in the way he thinks. I kept saying everything was fine and that we didn’t have to ever do that again. I’m sure his emotions were from the drugs, alcohol, and family stress he’s been under for the last few months. And the crap ho’s.

I took a sleeping pill and let him spoon me. We passed out immediately. He was still holding me when my alarm went off three and a half hours later. His dick was hard and he was dry humping me. Nope. Not a chance, Tex. I’ll see you in a week. I kissed him goodbye. The hotel has a free shuttle to the airport. He text me later apologizing for “losing it” and that “he’s pretty much done with bringing ‘home’ other strippers and such”. That it’s “a waste of money” when he has the best ho. I said it sounded like a good plan. Honestly, I’d rather have that extra money and not deal with him being a baby; or play with super awesome pro’s, but they’re hard to come by. I let his declaration roll off me because I know our cocktail waitress in Phoenix will bring young women to our hotel in a week. The really interesting thing is, we’ll be back in that Texas town again in ten days. I doubt Dimples will be able to come out so we should be fine on that front, but who knows. I hope Low Key is there. At least I can get that little spark.

~ the end ~

I gave my number to a young woman we met through our friend in Phoenix who wanted to play with with next time we were in town (she partied with us one night but got too drunk so our mutual friend took her home). Anyway, she texted me too often for my taste and when we finally had our dates, she asked a million questions. Turns out, she’s not in the industry and has never done this. I answered all her questions. Then she wanted to talk to me on the phone. I only talk to five people on the phone—and one of them pays me. Anyway, I changed my tune. Although she was sweet, I was getting a bad feeling about this. I’m already thrown into the position of mean mommy when I have to watch out for these women, but this was gearing up to be that times a hundred. I shut it down and promised myself not to give my number out anymore and that I only wanted experienced pros in the mix.

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