24-hours in The Texan's hometown

Spring 2021 (straight to phone from the hotel bed)

A hotel this time, not his house. He wanted house. I said No.

It’s 5:48 am and I haven’t slept yet. I had to drive him home (rented a car) so I couldn’t take a sleeping pill. I wanted to get him an Uber but the wait was too long and he was pouting. Had a real bee up his dong about me picking him up and dropping him off. At a gas station by his house. Fucker had to sneak out the back and walk! Now I only have four hours and I’m still jacked waiting for the Halcion to kick in. I’m fucked, but he gave me more money than he wanted to so I’m happy. I love when he says money means nothing to him then nickel and dimes me. It’s insulting. Meanwhile, we had this epic night—he kept saying so—I earned that dough in spades! I have the headache to prove it.

I’ll have to put pen to paper when I get home but the main takeaway: he couldn’t (wouldn’t) cum and forgot all the porn accoutrement so we watched it on his small burner phone. We fucked a lot (off and on with loads of fake orgasms for me....he was concentrated on that ego boost), but the drugs he brought were strong and no limeade so I was really nervous about a UTI - especially because I’m flying to the Sunshine State for a four-night trip soon.

He jacked a long time. I was pretty beat, having woken up at 5 a.m. I gave him more head than usual—including a hang over the edge of the bed on my back, which I haven’t done in a while. And ball licking. My hair is full of coconut oil.

It was getting late. His burner was about to die. I had my hand near his junk trying to help. I never know exactly what works or throws him off when I do that. Finally. I got up, laid in the narrow space on the outer bed beside him, cupped his balls and looked him in the eyes. He came instantly. I can’t believe I forgot that trick! I used to be so good at making dudes come with my eyes. After eleven years, I don’t look at him much during sex.

He was being extra choke-y. Kinda out of nowhere but okay. I wonder if that was out of his frustration for refusing to go to his house. Who knows. It’s something we do on occasion. Usually a pillow, not his hands. I prefer pillow. Whatever. He came hella hard and had a good night. Mission accomplished.

He kept saying how surprised he was that we continue to have this much fun (after all these years) as we got dressed and on the drive to his neighborhood. Uh, yeah, you pay me and I’m good at what I do! Good at making you forget I wouldn’t be here without that exchange. Good at making you feel like this is true lust.

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