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DIMPLES! A Texan first...

Alrighty, let’s get to the good stuff: A Texan First in Texas! This trip was in between cuddle two and three. A bunch of his buddies were in town—a group of guys (and strippers who wanted to join) were set to go to Thursday night football on the second night. I got in at 7 p.m. Taxied to the club. They had been drinking since 2 p.m. I had requested he go easy and surprisingly, he wasn’t fucked up. Good boy! I, on the other hand, had been drinking margaritas since 11 a.m. and ordered a shot and a double from our favorite cocktail waitress. One of the men present I hadn’t seen in a while. Sweetheart of a man. And good looking. He’s on the younger side in our group. I’ll call him Dimples for now. Tall, light skin brother with broad shoulders and a killer smile. He gave me a big ass hug. The night went as it usually does. Food, booze, girls. I took three strippers to the club store to buy outfits on Tex’s card. Mama Warbucks. They got bling-y outfits and I bought nine-dollar thigh-high socks for myself. You-who kept telling every girl to come back to our room to party. He and Dimples were on the hunt. Everyone was staying at the same hotel. Dimples was angling to party in our room—we had the presidential suite. A-OK with me. A few hotties were around but the one he chose—Tex wasn’t clear on who actually made the final call—was a hella skinny white girl. She was sweet (and one of the lucky shopping recipients), but not my first pick. We left the club around 11 p.m. Dimples and Skinny (try not to get offended) came to our room. Actually, they went to his for a bit first. I figured they had fucked but it turns out they hadn’t. We took that time to get cozy. I threw on a fuck tee, booty shorts and my new socks. We had a ton of booze and snacks in the room for game day. They arrived. We partied for a long time. I played music. We laughed about the most ridiculous shit. It was a good time.


We took it to the bedroom. The four of us! Never, in our almost ten years, have we had another dick in the room. And boy, what a schlong to start with. Swoon.

Tex and I snuck in a little, “is this cool?” chat. He said yes. I said yes. Hell yes, in my mind. I played it cool. I wasn’t born yesterday. I was shocked, though. I never thought we’d do this. I also assumed they’d fuck and we’d fuck...wasn’t sure about the rest. Oh! Did I mention The Texan was hanging out full Monty for most of the party-only session? He cracks me up. His dick (like most) isn’t impressive when it’s soft, but does that stop him? No, ma’am. Gotta give his ego some credit. Takes balls and confidence. Dimples was in his briefs. Skinny was half-naked. Ok, back to the bedroom. I think we put porn on the ceiling. Yes, we did. I remember it giving off a nice hue to what followed. We were still talking, laughing, drinking and lines here and there. We kept it separate at first. She and I fooled around like good heauxs. She was a good kisser but her lip piercing kept getting in the way. Dimples had a gorgeous piece. A little too long for my taste. I’d like to push those down to make them fatter. He and Tex tagged her at the same time (mouth/pus) I was doing who knows what. Finally, Dimples and I got in the mix. The Texan may have been out of earshot or busy with Skinny when Dimples told me on the down-low he’d been thinking about this for years. That did me in. That’s the hottest. I love knowing men are jacking off thinking about me. I sucked his dick. We had talked about deep-throating. I got into position number one: on my back when my head hanging slightly off the bed. He was impressed. He was a bit rougher in the sack than I would have imagined. He was railing her at one point. I felt a little bad. Tex and me fucked. I faked. Nobody was coming. Well, except for my show. I hadn’t fucked Dimples yet because I wasn’t sure how far I could push this. The men were blowing through condoms. Off to switch or party, not from filling.

Around 4 a.m., while The Texan was with Skinny, I got on top of Dimples. I teased him. He pressed down on my body. Not hard. I was in control but he knew I wanted it, too. I leaned in close. He asked if the Tasmanian Devil was ok with this, that I’m his “favorite girl”. I said yes. I lowered myself on him (no condom: I know, I know, bad girl). Christ, he felt good. Dick way bigger than Tex. Not that I wish The Texan had a monster cock —not with the way he likes to fuck.

Three slow strokes, he lifted me up and came on my pussy. It’s something I think about when I rub one out: that I feel so good they come within seconds. It doesn’t work in real life sex—I need at least fifteen so I can get mine (assuming my brain doesn’t block me), but this was some fantasy shit come true. We didn’t advertise what just went down. I drank and peed. Everyone was beat. Time to call it. Hugs. Goodbyes. The Texan needed to finish so we assumed our side-by-side position as we watched porn. Vibrator on clit, I thought about Dimples. We came hella hard. Mighty fine evening. The Texan kept saying how crazy that was and said he was surprisingly ok. As we put the room and ourselves down he asked if Dimples had come.

“I think so…not sure” I lied.

“With you” he added.

“I dunno….”

He smirked. He’s no fool.

I turned over and passed out with a smile on my face.

Next afternoon during our early start at the club (everyone was hurting) I told Dimples about the climax question and my non-answer. He laughed, “You mean my two-pump? Jesus.” His smile said he was embarrassed. We couldn’t really talk but I whispered that it was hot as fuck. He doesn’t know about my weird brain.

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