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First night: He asked the barely dressed cocktail waitress at the strip club if they had a decanter! She looked at him like I-don’t-know-what-the-fuck-you’re-talking-about. He went on to describe said item, including why wine needs to breathe. I sat there shaking my head. He’s embarrassing. He thinks he’s being a big shot, but it’s just sad and annoying. The man was just spanking a girl’s ass. I sat there shaking my head. There’s a time and a place to be a snobby wine connoisseur. I continued to get loaded to dull my awarity. Later, I think I took my sleeping pill too early because I let him go down on me! It’s fuzzy. I had to ask him the following day if that really happened. He confirmed. He came that night from jacking off, my hand cupping his nuts.

Day two: I wasn’t hungover but I was drained. I’m good for one night…I need the dough from two. Blondie Pop was seeing us the second. Instead of a fancy dinner we decided to eat again at the club. I mean, who really cares? Sure, I love upscale food, but his behavior as of late makes the club a more bearable location. The music drowns him out. I was glad Blondie Pop was there.

At the hotel room, much like last visit, I barely did a thing. Which was appreciated because my ho energy was sub-par. It’s better when she’s with us the first night; when I’m gung-ho. Thankfully, she gets it. We’re working and she knows he’s a handful. We had fun, regardless.

I noticed BP kept talking about her man. It tripped me out. Not a one-time mention, she kept bringing him up. These baby ho’s, I swear. Anyway, it was amusing watching him fuc⒦her from behind; her facial expressions—for my view only—were hysterical. She was giving me the eye roll/when is this over look. [expand: like looking in the mirror] We talked about the upcoming trip to Vegas and that she should join. We also talked about the first night the three of us hung out in this way—the night I spent an hour going down on them while they watched porn. She cracked me up by saying, “I felt sort of bad later…I was lying there next to ____ like a dude while you took turns going down on us.”

I laughed, “All good, boo, I was super fucking high that night. It was fun” I said.

“I’m not into women, but that felt good.”

I smiled. Full service ho to the nth degree over here! I even service ho’s on the clock.

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