I finally got to spend some quality time with Cole yesterday. We had the most amazing time. When we are on, it is fucking on. He went on a photo shoot with me, which is very rare. We set out to East LA in the late afternoon on a Sunday, stopping at a ghetto mart for Jack Daniels, gum and water. Having him with me was a such an aphrodisiac. Hours of foreplay! I purposefully wore a skirt, knowing how we are around each other. After about an hour into shooting, drinking, and laughing, things heated up (as they always do). He pulled my G-string to the side and was finger-banging me as I drove to a second location. I got off the main street, parked in an alley behind the railroad tracks and cut the engine. Just music, industrial ghost town, and us. He was kissing me with his heroin mouth, his two long fingers sliding in and out of my wet pussⓎ. When I couldn’t take it any longer, I got out and went to his side of the car. He put the seat back and pulled his cock out. I climbed on top, facing him. Slow. Deep. Deliberate. He growled as he came. My favorite sound. We were famished. I decided I had captured enough projection shots. We drove across the 6th street bridge to Pete’s Cafe. Before we went in Cole said he needed to taste me. We were parked on 4th street across from the restaurant with its huge glass walls. Middle of summer and the sun had just set so it wasn’t exactly dark yet. People were walking by and could clearly see the show. Nothing matters when you’re in a lust bubble. He was inverted like a contortionist. His head between my thighs and the steering wheel. His comⒺdripping out of me a little. Amazing head. I came so fucking hard. I usually have to be horizontal with a pillow over my head but the whole experience was exquisite. I really needed it, too. I hadn’t the last two times we fucked. Both were rushed. But this? Goddamn.

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