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“Can I have anal sex advice? My SD has an anal fetish and is on the larger package team…this is my first time in this situation and idk what to do.”

First, let me say this, if you give him the ass, be prepared for him to want it every time. Which is why my suggestion might be to play the I’m too scared or it’s-against-your-ass-religion card (pull something out of your ass;). If you want to try it, get extra money and make it clear it’s necessary each time he wants it. The actual act: use a ready-to-use enema a few hours beforehand. If you’ve never used one, you should probably do so the week before so you can see how your body reacts (p.s. they’re awesome). The other key ingredient; really good lube. I like Jo Premium Anal Silicone Lubricantand Wicked Jelle water-based anal lube. I suggest starting on your side with him behind you and you guiding his cock in (it’s good to use your finger inside first with the lube). Breathe. Relaxing is important. Once he’s in there (don’t let him back out, once in, best to stay in) you can slowly roll over onto your stomach. There might be easier positions to start, I’m sure my readers will have suggestions. You might want try it first with a non-work partner. If you hate it, it’s easier to never have it with a client than go back. If you already know it’s not your jam (it’s not mine, either), you can say you have an anal fissure (small tear in the lining that’s not generally visible) and your doctor told you anal sex is out of the question. I’ve actually fooled a few clients into thinking they were in my ass when they weren’t, but that’s rare. Good luck!

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