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Cookie Prologue

He initially reached out in November 2016, “Is it odd I want to pay for your time just to hear your stories?” My response, “Not at all. I’ve exchanged my loveliness and tales for money.” Him: “I don’t doubt it for a moment, I’ve got a few of my own. If you’d be so kind to oblige, I’d love an evening with you.” I told him my fee for such a thing and open dates. He said one of the dates worked and then crickets for over a month. I’ve gotten used to this. Men/couples reach out and then don’t follow up. I’ve learned to quote and keep living. His next reach out was to say that he still wanted to buy me a drink. I asked if he remembered my donation drill. “Buying me a drink” is quite different than “paying for my time”. He gave me some business about recalling we spoke of a local location, that he was “happy to indulge in whatever” and “we could have a spectacular time”. None of which answered my question. People, please, for the love of fuck, when dealing with a pro, be plain and upfront. I gave him the drill (again) and added that “if you’re up for that, awesome, if it’s not your jam, that’s ok too.” Aka, let’s not waste time. It’s interesting to note that this conversation was in December of last year and we finally fucked in April. Pulling the trigger is tougher when talking to a screen rather than a steamy lap dance. He said no issue to the rule. We had some back and forth. He seemed fun and chill. A few years younger than me. Has good taste in watches. Clean apartment. A decent sense of humor.

It’s interesting (and sometimes annoying) that I end up messaging/chatting with potential tricks/dudes on social media more than I would ever allow with alt clients. It’s because they know me better and also, I spend most of my time alone. At some point he inquired about more than drinks. He said it wasn’t his first rodeo: he’d been with pros before. He was even talking about being a regular. Which would be amazing. Apparently he’s a member of an escort/client vetting service. I was grateful he understood the separate natures of the acts (drinks vs play). My answer to his question was: “My preferred price is __ but seeing as how I just lost a client and would love a younger replacement (and ongoing), anything between x and y is cool.” He didn’t balk at my fee and said, “an ongoing experience would be nice to establish cuz you’re pretty spectacular. And casual motel entanglements are among my favorite things.” If he’s worth his weight in salt, he’ll bring more than the minimum I quoted for the sexo. He lives in Hollywood. Having a regular in town is something I’ve been wanting for a while. Even if it’s semi, it’s something.

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