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Reader question…

“Do you ever deliberately take breaks from what you do? I imagine after a certain point selling your time and sexuality. It’s gotta change the way you look at people. To be the commodity. Do you resent the people for wanting to buy you? Or worse, for not wanting to. I’m somebody who wouldn’t pay for sex and never needed to, but I’m fascinated by it. And it seems like a mind fuck when you’re selling a false sense of armor. How do you know the difference between a client and an actual prospect? And when you do, how do they? Have you kept a serious relationship while also hooking? Is it possible too?” {take breaks} I work part-time so the only real break I give myself, aka, can afford, are my treks to a cabin in the mountains. During that time, I ask The Texan for radio silence so I can completely have my mind free from work. I spend the whole time writing about it so I never truly get a break from my job, but it’s one hundred percent my time.

{change the way you look at people...resent people for wanting to buy you?} It hasn’t changed the way I see people at all. I’ve always been able to identity positive/negative in every human being. None of us are perfect: but we are all perfectly human. Why would I resent them? I’m grateful. They’ve kept a roof over my head for a quarter century. To them not wanting to: that’s okay, too. I don’t take it personally. I offer a service. It’s not for everyone. Those who do indulge, usually get something they desire out of it. To address your statement “not ever needing too”: that’s a common misconception. I’ve had plenty of men who didn’t “need to” but did anyway for a myriad of reasons beyond the obvious. It’s not that cut and dry. It’s not solely for folks who can’t get laid. It’s no-strings fun with someone you can trust (hopefully) who will not get jealous/vindictive/interfere with your life. Also, most high-end escorts are cleaner than the majority of chicks on Tinder. Jus’ saying. That was a silly dig, but it might be true. When a woman’s vagina is her livelihood, that shit has to be on point.

{do you know the difference between a client and actual prospect?} The answer to this used to be simple: if I wanted to fuck you, then you weren’t a client. Now that I’ve been meeting men through IG who’ve inquired about my services, I find myself in the interesting position of having both—money and fun sex with someone I’m intrigued by. Win-win! A man will know he’s a “prospect” if I’m retired from the biz and we are dating {serious relationships while hooking? Is it possible?} I tried it once—I was upfront when we first met and said I wasn’t going to quit—and it was too painful. Painful because he wanted to know too much, and, not surprisingly, it was a real shit show. We only saw each other for a year, but it was one of the most intense years of my life. He hates The Texan. Hates. Granted, The Texan and I were also going through a lot that year so it was the perfect storm (watch for my second memoir). And it’s why I shut the door on falling in love again until I retire.

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