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My fifteen minutes of fame happened in 1996. I was at the Free Tibet concert in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. MTV news was at the show. one of their producers picked me out of the crowd and asked if I would be willing to be interviewed. I politely declined, but my friends said I was an idiot and that I should do it. Not one to back down, I said fuckit. Honestly, I assumed it would end up on the cutting room floor. Cameras rolled, the interviewer—I can’t remember whether it was a woman or a man…I was sober at the time, but booze or no booze, my memory is shit—asked me meaningful questions about the issues in tibet and what I thought about the monks meditating in the tent. I bs’d my way through (as I often do), and wouldn’t you know it, I ended up on an MTV news soundbite every hour for a week! Here’s how it went: interviews with serious questions, serious people, and serious answers, and then me at the end of the clip in my white racing jacket and baby clips in my hair, and I say, “I’m happy my money went to a good cause, but i’m just here to see the Beastie Boys”.

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