I worked at Mitchell Brothers for nine years, and of those, I was doing “extras” for maybe four. In this four that I was giving handjobs, every single guy asked if we could have sex, and I said no every time, minus one. Only one time did I ever have intercourse with a customer in the club. This handsome guy had come in a few times to see me. We had crazy chemistry. He wasn’t really my type, and I’m sure we had nothing in common, but Christ, he turned me on. On this night that I said yes (actually, he may not have asked me, if memory serves, it was my idea), I had managed my “happy state” perfectly and was super-horny. I was giving him a nude stand-up cabana dance in the Kopenhagen. My music was playing. The lighting was set to my liking; dark. Half way into our time together, my urge shoved my rules to the wayside. I always carried our gold-wrapped club condoms with our club logo in my little purse, and for the first time in the eight years, I told him to unzip and pull his cock out, with the intent of having him inside me. He was shy and sweet, and not expecting this, but did as I said. I opened the condom with my teeth (as usual) and handed it to him. He was visibly shocked, but also hard as concrete. I turned my back to him, and guided his cock inside me. Our position options were limited due to our padded semi-circle, but his dick was ample enough for me to turn around after a couple minutes and lift my thigh up against his body while keeping him inside of me. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. It felt crazy. This was very, very taboo. I’ve always loved “prison sex”, and this was that, times a hundred! It’s surprising that in twenty-two years, with my propensity towards the taboo, that I only did this once. But actual prison sex has been a good deterrent (and that I'm rarely single). I turned back around facing the soft wall, arching my back, pushing him deep inside. My left arm on the wall, my right hand between my legs. My fingertips circling my clit, I came (silently), he followed milliseconds later. After I caught my breath, I pulled away, and not being in my usual routine, forgot to tell him the spiel about taking the condom off in the men’s room. Before I realized what was happening, I felt hot jizz between my toes. But I was too sex-dizzy to care.

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