{my sex life}

The second porn guy I fucked (let’s call him Dos Equis) was the host of that party in Vegas and knew one of the girls I was with. I met him that night, but we didn’t hook up until some months later. I guess he liked something he saw because he asked my friend for my phone number. Perhaps it was the casual way in which I fucked what’s-his-name in the bathroom.

My girlfriend knew I was looking into producing and directing porn, and she thought he could help me. Dos Equis was a down-to-earth dude and super chill. He lived in Los Angeles (don’t they all?). He offered to help me out, so I flew down to LA. He introduced me to a few people in the industry, but the most memorable was Shane (of Shane’s World). She was really cool and gave me a bunch of solid advice on production, distribution, and what it’s like to be a woman running the show in the male dominated porn industry.

That night Dos Equis and I went to a party on the hill at the house of one the guys from the Scorpions. So very LA. It may have been some other big band from the ‘80s, but I’m pretty sure it was the Scorpions. This was during my clean and sober years. I’m definitely not a person who needs drugs or alcohol to come out of any shell. Dos Equis and I hadn’t hooked up yet, but sometime around three in the morning, I found myself giving him head in front of a small audience of men, including the host. It sounds creepy and a bit Jody Foster, but it wasn’t. Everyone was chill. They were probably high and wasted. I had no such excuse apart from the fact that I love sex. Dos Equis said I gave the best head he ever had. Hmm, bullshit? Whatever, I took the compliment. Pretty nice coming from a pro.

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