This one was super random. My dad went to Cuba with a buddy of his. Being the tried and true hippie that he is, they befriended a young lone traveler and the three men continued their Cuban journey together for about a month. Upon return, my father emails me and tells me about the guy. He lives in Los Angeles, is also a photographer and is having an art show of the work he shot in Cuba, and that I should go. Okay, Pa. I’ll get on that.

Few days later, I looked up said photographer’s website and holy shit, he’s hot. Milk chocolate skin (we really should come up with another way of saying black guy) and some of the best dimples I’ve ever seen. Why yes, I think I will drop by cutie pie’s show. Which happened to be the same night as my photoLA exhibit and Superman hook-up. I went to the traveler’s show. I met him and told him who I was. There was obvious attraction. I bought one of his small prints. Hung out for a bit longer, then I hugged him, said goodbye and was on my way.

Me being me, I emailed him a couple days later to tell him the real reason why I went to his show. He tells me that I’m cute too. Yadda yadda yadda, we made a date. He had jury duty downtown, so on his two-hour break, we had lunch. I picked him up. He has a nice body and a cute, casual style. And that smile...jesus. We had lunch at Pete’s Café. The bartender knows me and usually gives me a free drink (or two). Wolverine (since I was on a superhero kick, that’s what I named him) orders a Coke, says he shouldn’t drink. What? Jury duty?! I’d be hammered. He had a couple sips of my cocktail and admitted that he’s not a big drinker. In fact, he seemed sort of surprised that I ordered a drink at lunch. Oh boy. Lunch was a hair awkward, we didn't seem to have that much in common, but we made the chitchat. Then it was time to drive him back. “You know, I could do some writing and meet up with you when you’re done in a couple hours.”

“Sure, that would be great!”

“Cool, text me when you’re out. I’ll go back to Pete’s.”

Couple hours and 2.5 additional drinks later, he was sitting next to me at the bar. He ordered some food and a glass of red wine. He asked how many drinks I had had.

“Two point five.”

“Plus the two before?”

“Oh, right. Yes.”

“Wow, you don’t seem like you’ve had that many.”

Oh, honey.

1.5 glasses of wine in and he was tipsy.

“I get horny when I drink red wine.”

“Is that right?” Smirk.

“Yeah, I’ve got half a boner just looking at you right now.”


“Can I come over to your place?” he asks.

“Right now?”

“Yeah, but I have to be somewhere in an hour and forty-five minutes.”

Hmmmmm. I’m wasn’t sure I wanted a rushed first hook- up, but why not.

“Sure. Fuck it, let’s do it.”

We settled the bill and he followed me to my house. I called Elizabeth on the way. “Wolverine is following me. We are about to hit it and quit it. He’s got like a four-minute window. I’m insane.”

“Yes, and it’s why I love you. Report after.”


We parked. I showed him the house. It was suddenly a little strange. We sat on the couch and looked at some of my art photography books. It was awkward. As well as, tick tock. I put music on and brushed my teeth (lesson learned!). I went back to the couch. I kissed him and told him to come with me. We laid on my bed. More kissing. He’s a good kisser, but I don’t know. Something was off. I could tell that it was going to be one those hook-ups. We got undressed. I went down on him. Gorgeous cock. But he seemed uncomfortable with me down there. So I stopped. At this point I sort of just wanted it over. I grabbed a condom and put it on inside out. Duh. Grabbed another one and really paid attention this time. Condoms should be color coded for outside and inside. Voila! I licked my fingers and put some of my magic spit on my pussy. I wasn’t turned on. But once I start this sort of thing, I don’t usually stop it. Plus, he’s so beautiful and there’s always a chance things can turn around. I climbed on top. Sex proceeded. He felt good inside of me, but there just wasn’t any umf or spark. It was a strange warm up I guess. I don’t know. We did the deed. Different positions, etc. All the things that qualify as hot sex. Which he was good at, but the whole thing lacked luster.

“I want you to come on my cock. Come for me, baby.”

Sorry kid, not gonna happen. Clap clap clap. Not gonna happen. I was wishing he would come too, but then he says..

“I probably won’t come. I don’t usually the first time with someone.”

Which is usually my line. This was a first.

“I guess we’re the same. I don’t usually either.” I tell him. Take the pressure off of everyone. At this point, I was basically thinking we should just end it and call it a day. Which I'm sure he must of felt, cause pulls out and takes the Magnum off (which was tight on him). We kiss. He’s still hard. He strokes himself. I lick his nipples. He moans. I continue. He comes. Then immediately gets weird about it. Maybe because I hadn’t. Trust me, I would if I could. I’m happy one of us did. I skip to the bathroom to wash up. We get dressed and he leaves. Soooo, that happened. I called Elizabeth. I made some food. Then I jacked off. And that was that.

We’ve remained friends (I’m sure he’s going to cringe when he reads this), but have not seen each other again. He’s reached out a couple times, but it hasn’t happened. The truth is, I’m just not interested in non-spark sex at this's not like I’m lacking sex. But Wolverine is a great guy and I’m happy he’s in my life.

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