Earlier in the shower, as I shaved my pussy, I thought about how body conscious everyone is. Including my sixty-three-year-old mum. Which seems so weird to me. She’s never really had a job that required her to look a certain way. She lives in a small town, she’s not a fashionista, she doesn’t want, nor does she have, a man, yet she worries about her figure. My friends in L.A. I get. L.A. is a crazy place to live when it comes to the body. Lots of skinny, overly body cautious folks here. People assume that all strippers have killer bodies, but the funny thing is, when you’re a stripper all you hear is how great your body is (even if it isn’t), and how beautiful you are. Not all strippers have incredible bodies. We run the gamut. But because of the aforementioned, dancers usually (I’m running high and loose with this usually, but I’ll stand by it from my experience) have a better sense of themselves than most women. And it’s not from having perfect bodies. I am super lazy and do not have the tightest body (especially now, at forty), but it doesn’t stop these men from seeing something sexy and beautiful in us.

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