It’s minor. Inconsequential really. A tick in the system, if you will. The Bare has allowed a male make-up artist to use the dressing room for his services, and I’m not thrilled with his presence. I don’t even know if this guy is gay. I mean, I know we have heterosexual male employees and owners who walk through the dressing room, but they aren’t hanging out. This guy is. All night. What I do know is that he’s loud and annoying as hell. In addition to his jarring personality, his make-up cases take up a fuck ton of our valuable counter space. Also, he’s the staring type. It’s disconcerting. As I’ve said before, the dressing room is the one place where we can be ourselves. Do I really need some weirdo watching me all night? Who wants a man (gay or otherwise) all up in our business? Shit, for all I know, the motherfucker is casing the joint. He seems cash poor. The dressing room has cameras, but much good it does if he already has made off with someone’s shit or money. He has a sketchy vibe. I’m not trying to be a cunt, I certainly want to support an entrepreneur, but I’m secretly hoping he bombs here and doesn’t come back.

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