I was happy to see him. I was in rare form, mood wise. There was a full moon, and I hadn’t had sex in a while. It was difficult to keep my hands and lips off of him. He smelled so good. Over our second cocktail we reminisced on our favorite sex memories. God dammit, he turns me on. After the bar, we went to his place and got into bed. It was already on the late side, so we skipped a movie. I kept my sleepy pants on though, because I was still bleeding from the thing.

He was trepidatious at first, not wanting to hurt my body. I was less concerned. I wanted his body on mine. I needed his body on mine. Feeling him. Kissing him. It was incredible. Our connection cannot be denied. The energy was bouncing of the walls. He was refusing to take his boxers off. Which was driving me crazy. I could have come just from him rubbing his cock against my pussy. Over underwear, boxer shorts and pajama pants! This yumminess went on for a while.

“Please let me taste you.” I pleaded breathlessly.

“No, we don’t do that.”, he said. Meaning, we don’t do one-sided sex. I didn’t give a shit. I knew the score. I would have to wait another week. But I needed to feel his release. He was pushing and pulling me and kissing me so deliciously deep. I couldn’t take it one more second, “Take your boxers off and lay on your back.” I had a heathen look in my eyes and wasn’t taking no for an answer. I needed him and his cum down my throat. He was rock hard. He removed his boxers with one hand. I slid him in my mouth. Humming. Sucking, tasting him. Rhythmic.

“I’ve never wanted to come so bad.”, he said with a deep, hungry timbre. It didn’t take long. I was gripping his hip with my left hand and using my right around his cock. And my mouth. Of course, my mouth. My slippery tongue curling around his head. “Baby, I’m going to come. Take it all. Go deep.” He commanded. Don’t have to tell me twice. Yummy chills ran down my spine. I took him all the way to the base, breathing through my nose. He growled as he shot his load. My favorite fucking sound. I swallowed. I stayed there with him still inside me as I rested my head on his body. I fell asleep with him holding me tight. I actually enjoy sleeping with him. I normally can’t be touched by anyone when I sleep. So annoying. Annoying that he’s not available or a good match for me. So it is what it is. I told him not to make plans the following Saturday. I’m going to be climbing the fucking walls until then.

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