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The Unicorn and I had a lengthy discussion via text about us not having used a condom. Although I was recently tested and came back clean on all fronts, I said that I couldn’t guarantee him. There's no way I can make someone that kind of promise. I’m about as safe as a working girl can be, but shit happens. Sex comes with risks. Understandably, he doesn’t want to risk giving anything to his wife, whom he loves. And I don’t want that pressure. I'd feel like a mammoth shithead if that happened.

So on one hand, it's great sleeping with someone who's only had sex with one person for thirty years, but it also means I'm the only culprit if shit shows up (assuming she's not cheating). This is a delicate topic; sleeping with married men. It takes a lot of balls for me to tell you guys. I'm grateful you aren't stoning me. Truth be told, I've never been a champion of cheating, but in this capacity, it somehow makes sense.

We also mentioned something we learned, which was: talking for an hour about life and photography before the deed is not necessarily the best idea for setting the sensual tone. We joked that we wouldn’t say one word until after.

Next date after the talked, I told him to text me when he was a block away from the motel so I could strip my sweatpants and panties off, and lie commando in my short negligee. I was making the message clear: I wanted to fool around right away and save the catching up for after. My mind and body was worked up from a conversation I was having with my long distance crush. I was craving sex. Anyway, it's so incredibly odd to be considering my pleasure with regards to a client. Although he's more like a booty call that helps me out financially. It’s a perfect situation, because I'm not getting any "real" action and he’s happily married, meaning, no way he'll pressure me for anything more. This is why so many married men hire call girls, it's mutually beneficial. Thirty years with one person is limiting by nature. She can’t offer the same experience I can. It’s just not possible. No matter how much love and history, I’m a whole different person. For him, I’m safe on a different level. He can tell me anything; nothing will shock me or bite him in the ass while he's watching TV.

He also knows that I would never do anything to harm him or his relationship. Beyond the obvious fact that I'm fucking someone's husband, I’m not vindictive. I don’t want to hurt the wives. This isn’t about the wives. As weird as that sounds. Long term monogamy is a lovely, but mostly (key word here, because many people are faithful) unrealistic idea. And although it's technically not on me—I’m not the married one—I’m not in the business of starting drama or divorces. In fact, either one would be counterintuitive. I’m in the business of release. I’m basically a life coach with mouth lube.

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