Custom notebooks are now available! 8.5 x 11 spiral notebook with 120 pages of college-ruled paper featuring a Sita Kaylin original photograph and quote (on back)


Glossy cover You get to choose the front and back.


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Please allow 1-2 weeks processing time (because I travel)


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"Deflecting from reality is what I do for a living"


"True feminism is about empowering women-which includes the freedom to do whatever the fuck they want"


"Sometimes my job is like a Greek tragedy with a side of drugs and sarcasm"


"Nothing like tofu, brown rice and kale before a night of sex, drugs & porn. Gotta keep the balance"


"The more money you give me the more charming I become"


"Lust is the gateway emotion"


"I think I've licked enough ballsacks in this life to deserve being a house cat in the next"



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