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The company that printed my coffee table book contacted me, apparently they printed an entire batch before they realized the cover wasn’t right - then forgot to recycle them - so they offered me the run at a discounted rate. This all leads to a rad opportunity for you!

In the main picture of this listing you'll see that her body doesn't reach the end of the cover.​ That's it! Honestly, you wouldn't notice it if I hadn't pointed it out. ;-)


The originals were numbered and priced at $125

My first coffee table art book! Over ten years in the making. Signed by yours truly.

Soft Touch Hardcover
9" x 11"
208 pages
Over two hundred photos
Excerpts from my memoirs plus new pieces of writing
The book also includes a lengthy interview.

*please allow 1-2 weeks processing time (I travel a lot as most of you know:)


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