the artist

15 things to know about me...

1.  i was born in san francisco.

2.   i was a stagehand for the legendary bill graham.

3.   i was a teenage carny.

4.   i've been on my own since the age of sixteen.

5.   i am a self-taught photographer.

6.   i love cheese. (aged amsterdam gouda, to be exact)

7.   i have a maine coon cat named monkey. 

8.   i lived in an underground missile base in kansas.

9.   i hate roses and chocolate (i prefer casablanca lilies and pickles).

10.  my drink of choice: whatever gets me there.

11.  i want to race cars (it's a dream profession of mine).

12.  i have 42 hours logged as a pilot in training. 

13.  i studied at UCLA to be a sound engineer and worked at Sound City Recording Studios.

14.  i love getting older.

15.  i hate when women pee on the toilet seat.  


i shoot both digital and film—sometimes a mix of both. most of the effected, etherial shots were taken with a self-manipulted film camera. most of the effects you see were done at the time of the shoot (some recently added images have layerd filters added to my naturally effected work). i've also been having fun with my vintage 35mm slide projectors. both in my house and out around los angeles. cheers!

sita kaylin photography © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 

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